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Cozycup is a female hygiene product which is inserted into the vagina during periods. It sits comfortably in the vagina and collects menstrual blood.

Benefits of Using Menstrual Cup:

1. It is comfortable.
2. It is eco-friendly.
3. Gives you more freedom.
4. Saves you money.
5. It holds more.
6. It’s good for 8-12 hours.
7. It promotes less odor.
8. It is leak free.

Package Contents:

1. Cozy Menstrual Cup
2. 100% Cotton Carrying Bag
3. Instructions Manual

Price: Rs. 1500

Payment :
Cash on Delivery (Within Kathmandu)
Bank Deposit (Outside Kathmandu)

Delivery fee:
FREE Delivery within 10KM of Kathmandu valley.
RS 100 Delivery by courier outside 10KM of Kathmandu Valley.

Delivery time:
2 Days within Kathmandu valley
3 days outside Kathmandu valley.

Material: 100% Medical Grade Silicone

Color: Blue, Dark Pink, Light Pink, Purple

Product Life: Can be reused for 5-10 Years


S: (for women who have not given birth to a child or is below age 24 or bleeds normally)
L: (for women who have given birth to a child naturally or is above age 24 or bleeds heavily)

Important Notice:

If you had a baby through vaginal delivery within last 6 months then you should consult your doctor before using menstrual cup because of inflammation risk.

Make an appointment with your doctor and ask for his/her opinion if your cervix is fully closed. After you cervix is closed and healed you can start using Cozycup without any issue.

Do you want to live worry free?
and at the same time save money & the environment?


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Blue, Dark Pink, Light Pink, Purple


Large Size, Small Size

27 reviews for Cozy Menstrual Cup

  1. Sushila

    Very happy. I got the large size. Wish I had found out about cozycup sooner

  2. Riju


  3. sunita

    Love it, Ladies It’s not as scary as it sounds.

  4. Priya

    They worked great for me. Inserting/Removing- not so bad as I tought!!

  5. Aastha

    Awesome product. LOVE LOVE LOVE

  6. Smriti

    Life Changing, Love it, use it every month,

  7. Pramisha

    It’s a learning curve but worth it once you learn how to use it!

  8. Bimala

    Your periods no longer have to be miserable! Definitely worth a try!

  9. Maya

    Now Im a living the cozylife

  10. Shristi

    After awhile I got used to it. takes practice, but definitely worth it

  11. Pabitra

    Took a Chance and LOVED It! Great product, easy to use!

  12. Elena

  13. Nisha

    Make the change, stop spending money month after month on pads. This thing will pay for itself and lasts for years..

  14. Rupa

    Message response great, delivery on time, payment options simple, marketing awesome

  15. Soni

  16. Deepa

    You should definitely try one . It is a life changer and a great product for women

  17. Sonu

    Use cozycup instead of pads because this is more comfortable than pad & mostly it is eco friendly.

  18. Surakshya

    I just wanna say thank you cozycup.

  19. Shrasta

    It’s comfortable and does not leak.. It’s safe and more convenient than pad because there’s no rashes

  20. Pushpa

    Its comfortable , no problem of leakage, can choose any position for sleeping and lastly its cheap and eco friendly .

  21. Aasma

    Switching to cozy cup has made periods a lot more comfortable for me, so comfortable in fact that I sometimes tend to forget that I have periods! There is a learning curve towards using this product and it took me quite a while to get used to it, but it was all worth it. It’s also by far the most economical and environmentally friendly decision I’ve ever made.

  22. Luisa T.

    Great service and a top quality product. Highly recommended! 🙂

  23. Kusum D.

    Once you get hang of it, its is the most awesome product I have tried. Though the first few use was scary but now its easy to use, maintain hygiene and reuse.

  24. Anita

    Have used for 3 cycles.. no complaints so far..

  25. Sangmo

    Using mensural cup has changed my life. It’s really comfortable then sanitary pads and other. So, I really recommend every female to use it as its environment friendly, comfortable and cheap as well(compare the pads with 10 years).

  26. Bidya

    This is really cozy so comfortable

  27. Alina Thakuri

    Super handy and environment friendly

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