How to take care of your CozyCup?

With the proper care, cleaning and storage your Menstrual Cup will last for years.

It is very important to keep your Menstrual Cup clean. You can cover fully with water and boil it in an allocated pan for 5-7 minutes. Do not boil dry.

The tiny holes below the rim of your Menstrual Cup help to release the seal. Make sure you keep these clear.

If you are in a public toilet take a small bottle of water in with you to rinse your Menstrual Cup, or simply empty and reinsert. Ensure you wash your Menstrual Cup more thoroughly at the next convenient time. When travelling overseas always use drinking water to clean your Menstrual Cup.

Over time, your Menstrual Cup may become discoloured but this will not reduce its effectiveness.

If you notice any tears, splits or any other changes in the appearance or texture of your Menstrual Cup we recommend that your replace it.