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Cozycup enables you to dance, swim & enjoy your life without having to worry about your period.

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Why Cozycup?

We know you have various choices when it comes to sanitary products but learn why Cozycup is the best.

The Safest

Cozycup is made from 100% medical grade silicone which is the highest quality of silicone. Cozycup is also free from latex, dyes, fragrances and harmful chemicals.

FDA Approved

Cozycup has be approved by FDA for use as a female sanitary product. Which means cozycup has gone through various testing process and has passed all of them.

Made in USA

Cozy Cup is made in USA with strict standards. Cozycup is designed to provide the combination of highest quality, safety & comfort.

Cozycup is comfortable

Cozycup is way more comfortable than a pad or a tampon. There’s no chance of chafing or rash. It also has a lower risk of toxic shock syndrome & bacterial infection.

Cozycup is eco friendly

Cozycup is made of 100% medical grade silicone and can be reused over and over again. That means if you use cozycup, less plastics from pads will end up in landfills which will lead to a sustainable greener environment.

Cozycup give you more freedom

CozyCup gives more freedom to live your lifestyle because it has longer change interval and is leak free when inserted properly. So you can swim, run, do yoga, scuba dive without a worry.

Cozycup is economical

Cozy cup costs Rs 1500 and lasts for 5-10 years, whereas pads costs around Rs 500 and only lasts for couple of months. So, in the long term you save alot of money.

Cozycup holds more

Cozycup can hold 1 ounce of liquid, roughly twice the amount of a super-absorbent tampon or pad. The difference can be a comfort on your heavy flow days.

Cozycup is good for 8+ hours

With cozycups, you can go up to 8-12 hours in between emptyings. But we recommend that you empty it more frequently while you are getting to know your cozycup and flow.

Cozycup promotes less odor

Menstrual blood can start to smell when it’s exposed to air. But your cozycup forms an airtight seal. Hence there is very less odor.

Cozycup is leak free

With proper insertion, your cozycup will form a suction. Meaning, all liquid will pool directly into it without a hitch. Hence no more spots.

Reviews By Our Customers


After awhile I got used to it. takes practice, but definitely worth it.


Make the change, stop spending money month after month on pads. This thing will pay for itself and lasts for years..


They worked great for me. Inserting/Removing- not so bad as I tought!!

Do you want to live worry free? and at the same time save the environment & money?